November 2, 2009

Doing the duck dance - in Costa Rica

Doing the duck dance - in Costa Rica

This is an example of a WordPress site I put up in one day (two days ago). It’s not perfect, but was a fun project. I am trying to find better games and more of them.

If you want a WordPress website put up and aren’t up to the job or are not computer literate or internet savvy I can do it for you for a low price.

Coming soon will be a custom service to create a moneymaking niche website built to order. These sites will not be WordPress sites and will have a large number of ways to profit from the site. If you are interested is this service contact me through the Contact Form at my business site at

More duck articles to follow.
More duck nonsense to follow.

Whatever you do be sure to be on the lookout for mommy duck and don’t let your purse out of your sight (assuming you’re a woman).



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